Prestige Services

Pest Control Our wide range of pest management service programs are designed to prevent your property from being invaded by pests. Let Prestige tailor-make a program to solve your existing pest problems in your property as well as prevent future problems. 


Fumigation Licensed by National Environment Agency and accredited by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), our core expertise in fumigation allows us to provide our international shipping and corporate clients with a full spectrum of services that includes - ISPM fumigation, Commodities, Vessel, Piano, Antique etc.


Termite Proofing Our specialization in Subterranean Termites control includes pre-treatment of new structures and post-treatment of existing structures.


Ownership transferable treatment warranty certificate will be issued.


Disinfection Service With the looming threat of influenza virus, Prestige provides quality disinfection service for hospitals, nursing homes, mosques, schools, buses, public transport vehicles, offices, food processing plants and food service establishments where housekeeping is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross-contamination.


Our disinfection service using a new concept; environmental and eco-friendly water emulsifiable formulation is tested and proven 100% effective by AVA Singapore against a wide spectrum of viruses, bacteria and vectors.


Bird Control - Do you have birds roosting on your roof tops or signs? They can make quite a mess and their acidic droppings can cause damage to equipment, painted building surfaces, marble and limestone. Droppings can contain a variety of disease-causing bacteria, fungi, nematodes, etc. We have many solutions to eliminate these pest birds.  RESULT GUARANTEED.


Garden & Lawn Care Prestige Enviro-Care provides professional garden maintenance services to domestic and commercial customers ensuring 100% satisfaction with our work at very cost-effective rates.


Our services include : Grass cutting, plant/hedge trimming and watering, weeding, fertilizing, re-turfing, landscaping, and many more garden services.


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